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Best 20 Anna Wintour Haircut Styles

Famous ladies always help us with fashion and trends. Sometimes they create an iconic image. Today we will examine one of them: Anna Wintour Haircut. She is one of the first names that come to mind when we say Bob haircut because now her hair style is like a brand.

1. Anna Wintour Hair Cut

Anna Wintour Haircut

2. Anna Wintour Bob Style

Anna Wintour Bob

3. Anna Wintour Young

4. Anna Wintour Bob and Bangs

5. Anna Wintour Bob Hairstyle

Anna Wintour Bob Hairstyles

The most prominent feature of the French bob hairstyle is blunt cut and bangs. Your face type should also be relatively small. Otherwise, this haircut won’t suit you.


Anna Wintour Bob-6

Although it looks “vintage style”, you can get a modern and cool look with a choice of stylish glasses and clothes.


Anna Wintour Bob-7

8. Back view

Anna Wintour Bob-8


Anna Wintour Bob-9

10. Fur coat

Anna W. is a very cool and stylish icon, creating a very characteristic image with her furs and haircut.

Anna Wintour Bob-10


Anna Wintour Bob-11


Anna Wintour Bob-12


Anna Wintour Bob-13

14. Thick Brown Hair

Anna Wintour Bob-14


Anna Wintour Bob-15

16. Amanda S. Cute bob cut

Anna Wintour Bob-16

17. French bob cut

Anna Wintour Bob-17


18. Soft lights

Anna Wintour Bob-18

19. Taylor S. Bob style

Anna Wintour Bob-19


Anna Wintour Bob-20

This perfect haircut by Anna Wintour, who can be described as French-style bob, was quite a trend, especially in the 90s. Ladies who like vintage look can be a suitable haircut, especially for thick hair types.

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